Greg and Ann

“Dan did a fabulous job – I was pleased with my investment. Dan has a strong desire to please his customers and will take the time to listen. Let him offer suggestions and ideas – you will be pleased!”


Coon Rapids
“Two weeks to sell Dad’s house. Some houses on same block have been on the market for three months. We think it was the high quality paint job. It looks like new in there!”


Brooklyn Center
“The quality of work was perfect. It was worth the cost. Blue Eagle painting did a very good job for me. It was done in one day and there was no mess to clean up!”

Employment at Blue Eagle Painting, Inc.

We currently have openings for 2 Painters.

We are looking for painters who have about 2-5 years of experience, have reliable transportation to the various job sites around the Twin Cities, have smart phones for company communications, and are able to pass a background check.


If you are interested in the opportunity of painting at Blue Eagle Painting, Inc., please fill out our job application below.


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 I have reliable transportation. I have a smart phone. I understand I am applying for a physical labor job. I am able to work on a ladder 3 stories above the ground. I understand that my employment is contingent on passing a criminal background check.

How many years of residential painting experience do you have?

What excites you about this opportunity with Blue Eagle Painting, Inc?

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